We are looking for passionate activists to become organisers for the #FreePeriods movement and help us to get the UK government to change the law.

Movement organisors will focus on the following... 

THE GOAL: Justine Greening, the Education Minister, must address period poverty in schools as an issue which needs to be urgently addressed. We must all be putting pressure on her and the UK government. 

STEP ONE: Write to your MP, tell them that you want period poverty to be addressed in Parliament. Email @justinegreening, tell her you want to see this changed. Get others to do the same. 

STEP TWO: Share this website and the petition. With your friends. With your enemies. With your school. With your granny. Share about #FreePeriods on Instagram and put the link to this website in your bio. Follow our collective on Instagram & make sure you're staying informed. 

STEP THREE: Organise a group to come to our protest on December 20th in Parliament Square. You can RSVP here. The Facebook event is here. Share it with your friends.