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Women and girls set to benefit from £15 million Tampon Tax Fund. Read HERE

Government Press Release

Period poverty is leaving women such as Kerry isolated and ashamed. Read HERE

The Guardian, Frances Ryan

What happens when you make periods free. Read HERE.

iNews, Heather Saul

Let’s make Period Poverty History, Read HERE

The Guardian, Gemma Abbott.

This Girl’s Open Letter to Theresa May is Pretty Damn Powerful. Read HERE.

Glamour, Bianca London

Government urged to end 'period poverty' in schools amid concern girls forced to use socks as sanitary products. Read HERE.

The Independent, Lizzy Buchan

The Mayor of London Pledges His Support to End Period Poverty. Read HERE.

Vogue, Naomi Pike

Poverty 'driving people to choose between eating or keeping clean’. Read HERE.

The Guardian, Sarah Marsh

Period poverty: The women forced to choose between food and sanitary products. Read HERE.

ITV News, Charlotte Cross

The Shame of Period Poverty is Keeping Girls Out of School. Read HERE.

The Guardian, Amika George

'Period poverty' tackled with £1m Welsh Government fund. Read HERE.

Period poverty: Scottish women using toilet roll and newspapers instead of tampons. Read HERE

The Pool, Kuba Shand-Baptiste

Girls are using toilet roll during their periods because they can’t afford tampons. Read HERE

iNews, Russell Jackson

Period poverty can imprison women – and humiliate women prisoners. Read HERE

The New Statesman, Monica Lennon MSP

Students against period poverty: why young activists are seeing red. Read HERE

The Guardian, Emma Jacobs

Five things you can do to end period poverty

Plan UK, Lucy Russell

Why we need to talk about period poverty

World Economic Forum, Karen Rowlingson



Break the Barriers: Our First of a Kind Report Documents Girls’ Experience of Periods in the UK. Read HERE 

Plan UK

#FreePeriods - Research on Period Poverty and Stigma. Read HERE.

Plan UK

Shocking Report highlights the extent of period poverty in the Britain. Read HERE

London Economic Forum

Globally, periods are causing girls to be absent from school. Read HERE.

The World Bank

Scottish Parliament Consultation Paper: A proposal for a Bill to End Period Poverty in Scotland. Read HERE

Monica Lennon MSP

Let’s Talk About Period Poverty. Read HERE.


1 in 4 UK women don't understand their menstrual cycle. Read HERE 



Surviving period poverty with 'socks and tissue' - BBC News

How Do Homeless Women Cope With Their Periods? -NSFWomen

Cariad Lloyd Investigates Period Poverty - The Last Leg Correspondents

One in ten girls cannot afford to buy Sanitary Products - BBC News

What if you're homeless and you have got your period? - Channel 4 News

What is Period Poverty? || Mindmapped - Bloom


Guilty Feminist

No 77. Period Poverty with Gemma Cairney, Amika George, Grace Campbell

Listen HERE

BBC Woman’s Hour

Weekend Woman’s Hour on Menstrual Cups with Gabby Edlin and Mandu Reid. Listen HERE

Amika George on why she's protesting period poverty. December 2017. Listen HERE

Tina Leslie from Freedom4Girls on why period poverty is a bigger problem than we think. March 2017.

Listen HERE

BBC Radio 4

The Dow, Tampons, Parkrun II. Read HERE 

The White Wine Issues

Period Poverty & Imposter Syndrome. Listen HERE.

Kat Horrocks

Tackling the Taboo of Period Poverty with Christina, Founder of The Monthly Gift. Listen HERE


Wā Collective’s Olie Body on period poverty, menstruation and social enterprise - Idealog Podcast. Listen HERE 


The Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats have pledged to provide free menstrual products in schools if they were to come into government. 

The party said it would fund the scheme so school nurses could keep a large stock of sanitary products for girls who need them

Baroness Burt has said "The Liberal Democrats would end period poverty immediately, by ensuring that school girls had access to basic sanitary products, ensuring they can continue their education uninterrupted and with dignity."

Sign their petition HERE.

The Labour Party

Labour have pledged £10m to end period poverty, which will be allocated from the Education budget. 

Labour Government will provide funding for free sanitary products for secondary schools, foodbanks and homeless shelters,

Dawn Butler, the Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities has said “Low income families shouldn’t have the additional burden of struggling to afford sanitary products; or homeless women suffering on the streets; or young girls having to use socks in their pants; or missing school once a month because they just can’t afford sanitary protection.

There are many solutions to this problem: free sanitary products in schools and colleges; free prescriptions for sanitary protection or reusable cups.

Read more HERE.

The Green Party

The Greens pledged to end period poverty by providing towels and tampons to secondary school pupils and women in financial need.

The project could be funded by adding VAT to some products that are currently exempt.

The Green Party said it wanted to work with health companies to provide the free products.

Read more HERE

The Women’s Equality Party

The WEP’s 2017 General Election manifesto states that all schools should have free menstrual products on offer so that no child is hindered from accessing education. Read more HERE